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"In his new album for Rubicon Classics, accomplished pianist Marcin Fleszar performs Rameau’s  Suite in A minor.

Under Fleszar’s masterful touch and performed on the piano, instead on the harpsichord as is traditional, the pieces take on new colours and shadings with

a cantabile quality, verging at times on songlike.

The second half of the album transports the listener to the heights of 19th-century Romanticism with Schumann’s Davidsbündlertänze.

The piece was inspired by his love for his soon-to-be wife, Clara Wieck, and Fleszar’s interpretation makes for a carefully crafted balance between the composer’s alter egos; from the explosive passion of Florestan to the gentle lyricism of Eusebius."


                                                                                                                              Rubicon Classics


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