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Prize winner of major  piano competitions, Marcin Fleszar is a pianist who combines brilliant virtuosity with the poetry of music.

His interpretations are "thoroughly enchanting" (ClassicsToday) – “his music touches your heart“ (Anzeiger Burgdorf).


Fleszar shares his passion  through a wide range of musical tradition and keyboard instruments, including historical instruments and the organ.  


In his debut album for Rubicon Classics in 2020 he performs the timeless Suite in

A minor of J.Ph. Rameau on the piano instead of the traditional way on the harpsichord,  combining the old instrument technique with the modern one.

To refer to Robert Schumann`s 210th  anniversary Marcin Fleszar choose for the second half of the album the "Davidsbündlertänze" which were the composer’s secret engagement present for his future wife Clara Wieck.


The improvisational character of the music, its deeper meaning hidden in the rhetorical figures and the different colors and shadings of harmonies are the hallmark  of Fleszar`s artistic creation.


Born in Poland, the homeland of Frédéric Chopin, Marcin Fleszar`s fascination with  the composer led him to include all of Chopin`s compositions in his wide concert repertoire.


Under the direction of Maria Jõao Pires, Marcin Fleszar was an Artist-in-residence in the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, “… a prestigious international center of excellence for artistic training of exceptionally gifted young musicians…, the musical elite of tomorrow...”


As a devoted chamber musician since 2011, Fleszar performs with Agata-Maria Raatz in Violin & Piano DUO.

"Marcin Fleszar is a pianist who has great sensitivity and notable instrumental abilities"

                                                             - Louise Hopkins


XI Festival de Música de Cámara

Musiguenza , 2016

Beethoven Music Chapel Festival in Flagey- Brussel , 2014 


Murten Classics Festival, 2014

VII Festival de Música de Cámara,

Musiguenza 2013


Swiss Chamber Music Festival in Adelboden, 2012


F. Chopin Festival in Geneve, 2012


Yehudi Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, 2011


La Folle Journée de Varsovie in Warschau, 2010


“Swiss Chopin Festival” - concert series

(Zürich, Basel, Bern), 2010


F. Chopin Festival in Duszniki Zdroj, 2009


BEKB After Business Concerts, 2006


Einstein Biennale in Bern, 2005



Enrico Pace

Maria Jõao Pires

Rena Shereshevskaya

   Age                                       36





1st prize in the International Jean Francaix  Music Competition in Paris (Vanves), 2015

Prize winner of "Kiefer Hablitzel Musikpreis" in Bern, 2008 & 2009


4th prize in the Chopin National

Competition in Warsaw, 2008

​1st prize in the 9th International             

Competition of Musical Interpretations 

in Lausanne, 2007

Winner of  "Odd Fellows Music Prize"

in Bern, 2006

3rd prize in the 10th International Chopin   Piano Competition in Szafarnia, 2001



2nd prize in the 5th National Piano                 Competition in Zagan, 2000

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